Jorge L. Rodríguez, CEO and Founder of PACIV, has been awarded a fellowship at Harvard University

The “Advanced Leadership Initiative (ALI) Fellowship” it’s an innovative initiative of Harvard University, started in 2005, to create a new third stage in higher education. It is designed for accomplished leaders with a track record of innovation and achievement in their primary career.

Harvard’s ALI fellows are prepared to tackle some of the biggest social challenges facing communities around the world, within a new stage in their life and calling them to action, where they have the potential to make an even greater societal impact than they did in their careers.

Harvard’s ALI fellows apply their talents to solve significant social problems, including those affecting poverty, health, and the environment, and focus on community and public service in the next phase of their careers.

“I am extremely honored to be awarded this fellowship and I am certain it will continue to help me contribute to my homeland, Puerto Rico, as it is shaping a bright future for itself, its people and the world. I will ensure that the highest character and integrity of myself is always exemplified as to be a role model to the Harvard community as well as to PACIV, our clients, Puerto Rico and its people,” said Rodríguez.

“In light of both the challenges and the incredible wave of civic engagement playing out in Puerto Rico today, we are delighted that a Puerto Rican leader of Mr. Rodriguez’ stature will join ALI in 2020. The ALI curriculum and programming at Harvard is designed to train and support such leaders to serve their communities and tackle complex, multi-sector challenges,” said Meredith B. Rosenthal, Faculty Chair, Harvard University Advanced Leadership Initiative.

During the fellowship, Rodríguez will relocate to Boston for the whole year of 2020 and will continue his role as PACIV’s CEO and engage his responsibilities. As a Harvard’s ALI fellow, Rodríguez will be able to take advantage of the vast intellectual resources of the University, including having access to nine (9) of the Harvard University colleges.