Economic Activity Index Shows Slow Recovery for Puerto Rico

The Economic Development Bank of Puerto Rico (EDB) recently updated their Economic Activity Index statistics for the month of November of 2018. This index was leveled at 120.3 points during that time. Now, when the EDB compared the numbers between November 2017 and November 2018 they noticed a change of 41.3 points, which translates to a change from -19.7% to +21.5%. The statistics show a substantial downturn in the annual change regarding the last quarter of 2017 due to the unexpected shock generated by hurricane Maria.

November of 2017 is a very significant date because it represents an important period where the island was still suffering the ravages of its most powerful natural phenomenon known in recent history: Hurricane Maria. During that period the island was still experiencing shortfalls with its collapsed electrical system as well as inconsistencies with its telecommunications systems.

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