La mediana de ingreso en el hogar disminuye en el 2017

THe US Census recently published how poverty levels have changed on the island. This report shows the stark reality of income inequality. Data published by the Bureau shows total households in 2017 were 1,191,305, a -1.42% when compared to 2016.

Average household income was $31,094 in 2017, a decrease $31,262 in 2016. In 2017 about 45% of household receive Social Security while 16.5% receive pensions. Household receiving SNAP benefits was 37.9%

Personal Income

Families that have both parents married constitute 28.10% of poor families. Families with female householder, no husband present conform a shocking 58.7% of poor families. 40.9% of the families of Puerto Rico live under poverty levels. This explains part of the reasons as to why the 38% of Puerto Rican households receive SNAP benefits (public food assistance) and 45% receive social security.

On the other hand, 69% of the workforce of Puerto Rico, works for the private industry while 21.5% works for the government and only 9.5% of workers are self-employed.

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