U.S. Economy: Intellectual property exports up $96 million

According to the U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services report published by Bureau of Economic Analysis published on September 5th, although overall exports went down by $2.1 billion dollars last month when compared to the month of June exports in services went up by $209 million.

Exports in services currently sit at $70.3 billion a total of $1.6 billion dollars more when compared to July of 2017 and as previously mentioned $209 million more than in June. Now 46% of this change comes from an increase in the charges for the use in intellectual property. Charges for the use of intellectual property went from $11,470 to $11,566 million a $96 million or 0.84% increase. When compared to July of last year charges for intellectual property have gone from $10,748 to $11,566 million, a $818 million difference or a of 7.6% increase.