Why are Economic Indicators important?

To understand the reasons to use economic indicators, we must first comprehend what they are. An economic indicator is a statistical representation of an economic activity. In ancient times, statistics were used for state affairs like the collection of data regarding population and other issues. Today it is used on a wide variety of areas like for biology, agriculture, business, economics, electronics and others.

Economic Indicators allow us to analyze economic performance and make predictions of how it is going to perform in the future. They are a key input when making important business decisions, economic policy, research in a wide variety of disciplines and more.

  • You and your company must be informed about the uncertain environment that prevails in the Puerto Rican economy.

  • Changing market conditions make it necessary for companies to have access to reliable information in order to make intelligent decisions.

  • The government's decisions for the next 24 to 36 months will determine Puerto Rico's new economic reality and your company must be prepared and informed about these processes.

  • Your company can use economic indicators to measure its performance on a monthly basis.

Our Economic Indicators portal

has over 100 economic indicators in a variety of areas like manufacturing, tourism, retail sales and others for Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and the U.S.