Inteligencia Económica launches a new portal for the business community

The consulting firm Inteligencia Económica Inc. announced today the launch of a new economic analysis tool aimed towards the corporate community, professionals and the general public.

Under the domain name the firm has launched a new economic information system which grants its users access to 60 economic indicators from Puerto Rico, The United States and shortly the Dominican Republic . The tools enable the user to customize their search fields and build graphs with the selected information.

“In times when the corporate community and the public need easy access to economic information and analysis from a reliable source, our firm has created this system that provides access to the more relevant economic indicators of the local economy such as the United States economy. Our web page provides a dashboard system that enables the user to quickly browse the indicators and to create their own dashboard consisting of graphs and analysis, said the President and Founder of Inteligencia Económica, Gustavo Vélez.

The Website compiles and analyzes on a weekly basis all of the indicators published by the local and federal government, it organizes the information and analyzes how the behavior of these indicators could affect the companies and the people in general.

“The local and the federal government, do in fact, publish a lot of information scattered throughout various websites. With this system, the public can access all of the information in one places, create specific search fields and build their own graphs, this in term enables easy access and use of the information. The analysis of the indicators is part of the added value that the user will have through the website”, added the economist Chantal Benet, Director of the Research Unit of Inteligencia Económica.

Those interested may access the website directly or call (787) 420-3380.