Cement sales increase 18% in june

Cement sales were affected by the economic crisis before the hurricanes Irma and María impacted the island. The trend line for cement sales was in a downfall, but after the hurricane's impact it was one of the few sectors that recuperated to before hurricane levels in just months after the hurricanes. Cement sales had seasons where sales peaked and sales in 2018 are reflecting the same peaks only at a higher level because of all the money that entered the island for recovery.

Naturally, it’s growth rate reflects an abnormal growth in sales for the month's post hurricanes, on a year to year percentage growth it reached its highest sales growth in April with a 43%, but after that the rate is lowering and it could return to normal levels once the recovery period is over; it will not be sustained. It can be expected that the greatest increase in sales is in the stores near where there is most repairing to be done, it follows the hurricane’s path through the island.

Fuente: CEMEX

Source: CEMEX