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Our economic platform with over 150 macroeconomic indicators


over 125 historical municipality indicators


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Custom Solutions

You have your data, we have our data analysis

Let's mix!

We exchange data

You give us access to your data or we plug in ours, find trends, find important data points, and work our magic.

Data analysis by our firm

Using A.I. and our economists' experience, we analyze your data in order to present forecasts, projections, trends, and more.

Visualize your data in easy to use dashboards created to your specificity so you can interact easier and faster.

Data Visualization



Visualize your

data easy

We've partnered with Microsoft Puerto Rico to offer neat visualization through PowerBI.

Don't know where to expand?

We've partnered with GMT, the only licensed distributor of ArcGIS to map locations and service areas for your business.

Refrigerated Goods

Retail Solutions

Our A.I., named Agnitu is designed on the most innovative and sophisticated image-recognition technologies to solve retail industry problems, perfect in-store execution, recognize category opportunities and always win on the shelf.

Want to gather your own data?

Using Survey 123 we conduct surveys through different channels including online, on-site, and more.




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A diverse group of different backgrounds mainly economists, programmers, accountants, students, and lawyers. 

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