Inflation closes 2018 at 1.15%

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) reached 118.67 in December 2018. This represents a reduction of 0.6% compared with November. However, in comparison with December 2017 (117.97) the index reveals an inflation of 0.30%. This means that prices were higher this December than in 2017. December closed natural year 2018 and in an aggregate analysis 2018 had an average Consumer Price Index of 119.37, 1.15% more than in 2017. This means that goods and services in Puerto Rico were 1.15% more expensive than in 2017. Inflation refers to the increase in the price level that is sustained over a period of time, high or volatile inflation rates is negative for economic growth, a low and stable inflation rate

Economic Activity Index Shows Slow Recovery for Puerto Rico

The Economic Development Bank of Puerto Rico (EDB) recently updated their Economic Activity Index statistics for the month of November of 2018. This index was leveled at 120.3 points during that time. Now, when the EDB compared the numbers between November 2017 and November 2018 they noticed a change of 41.3 points, which translates to a change from -19.7% to +21.5%. The statistics show a substantial downturn in the annual change regarding the last quarter of 2017 due to the unexpected shock generated by hurricane Maria. November of 2017 is a very significant date because it represents an important period where the island was still suffering the ravages of its most powerful natural phenomen

Net collections to the General Fund continues to feel the impact of María

The Net Income to the General Fund of November 2018 reached to $ 556.9 million. Compared with the income of November of the previous year, there was a decrease in net terms of $ 16.8 million. This amount is attributed to the fact that, in November of last year (unlike this year), collections were received from previous months whose payments had been postponed mitigating the situation that taxpayers went through because of Hurricanes Irma and María. On the other hand, projections of income for the month were exceeded. Both when compared with those of the certified fiscal plan of June 29, 2018 for $ 63.2 million and with the revised projections of the certified plan of October 23, 2018 for $ 2

Hagamos del 2019 el año de Puerto Rico

Entre esperanzas de tiempos mejores y el deseo de hacer las cosas diferentes, hace un par de horas despedimos el 2018. Gradualmente también vamos dejando atrás el 2017, año que nos marcó para siempre con el azote mortal de María. Me acuerdo el año pasado para esta misma fecha, como celebramos la navidad con la Isla aún medio apagada, y la tristeza aún latente, de un pueblo inmerso en el dolor de la destrucción. Celebramos a medias, entre una mezcla de alegría forzada por la navidad y la incertidumbre de un futuro sin definirse. El año que acaba de terminar, no fue del todo malo, durante los primeros tres meses se perfilaba claramente que vendrían muchos millones del norte, y esa inyección d

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