Deposits increase as loans decrease

The economic activity of commercial banks has been somewhat unusual, total deposits are at its highest point since 2010 and this just a reflection of the second quarter of 2018. On the other hand, total loans are in its lowest point since 2010. Total deposits began a downfall after 2008 and started to increase without falling since 2016. Total loans have been in a downfall without exceptions since 2009. Consumers debt has also been in a downfall after a sustained increase between 2013 and 2015. This is an expected reaction to the adverse economic moment the island is in. Source: Statistical Appendix to the Governor If you want to know more about how this affects your business or just simpl

U.S. GDP increases 4.2% in Q2 2018

The United States GDP increased 4.2% for the second quarter of 2018 according to the second estimate released last Wednesday by the Bureau o

La quiebra desde el espejo de Grecia y Argentina

Argentina, Grecia y Puerto Rico, en sus respectivos contextos, representan tres casos de estudio, de como una mala gestión gubernamental y económica, pueden desembocar en crisis de magnitudes gigantescas. Lo interesante de los tres casos que analizo en este artículo, es que tanto Argentina, como Grecia, luego de implementar fuertes medidas de ajuste y austeridad han podido encaminar la salida a sus respectivas crisis, mientras en Puerto Rico, todavía parecemos estar atascados en el problema. Argentina La crisis argentina tuvo su origen en las políticas macroeconómicas instauradas por el Presidente Carlos Menem (1989 - 1999). La política de fijar el valor del peso argentino al mismo valor de

Inteligencia Económica launches a new portal for the business community

The consulting firm Inteligencia Económica Inc. announced today the launch of a new economic analysis tool aimed towards the corporate community, professionals and the general public. Under the domain name the firm has launched a new economic information system which grants its users access to 60 economic indicators from Puerto Rico, The United States and shortly the Dominican Republic . The tools enable the user to customize their search fields and build graphs with the selected information. “In times when the corporate community and the public need easy access to economic information and analysis from a reliable source, our firm has created this system that provides acc

El e-commerce continúa creciendo

Según el Departamento de Comercio Federal, en el 2017, las ventas del comercio electrónico crecieron en 16%, para ascender $453 billones.

Employment fell -3.1% on July 2018

The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States published today non-agricultural employment for the month of July 2018 where it totaled 851.7, a decrease of -3.1% compared to July 2017, and an increase of 100 jobs compared to June 2018. After the passage of Maria, it is estimated a loss of approximately 21,000 jobs, of which many were affected by the loss of population, and others by the number of businesses that closed their doors after the passage of hurricanes. This article will be updated as more information comes out.

Cement sales grow 30% in July 2018

Cement sales for the month of July 2018 totaled 1,191,604 94 lbs bags, a 30% increase compared to July 2017, and a -3% drop compared to June

Economic activity index decreased 6.8% for fiscal year 2018

The Economic Activity Index (EAI) for the month of June was 121.7, -0.8% compared to June 2017, this closes fiscal year 2018. When compared to fiscal year 2017 the EAI reflected a contraction of 6.76%. The EAI is a coincident index, a metric that shows economist and policy makers the current state of the economy and lets us know the possibilities for future tendencies. This index is composed by the total payroll employment, total electric power generation, cement sales and gas consumption. Employment experienced a reduction of 3.5%, electric power generation decreased 8.3%, gasoline consumption increased 8.1% and cement sales increased 23.4% with respect to the previous fiscal year. Source:

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